Director’s Corner – What do you need to know to join the 2Tim22 bible school?

Practical lessons – How do I get them?

We learn in home-based groups once or twice a week. The students themselves print out paper lessons and file lessons. Weekly online live teaching and audio files for simple phones are available.

Level 1 – Strong Basics of Faith

Level 2 – More Money through Projects

Level 3 – Supporting Children and Marriage

Greetings, Director Gunther Erwin

Multiplication through the 2Tims22 students

  • Go and evangelize at least one person each week.
  • Group accountability -Look back, look up, look forward.
  • Each student makes disciples and teaches the new lesson to another person.
  • Four generations emerge from a 2T22 group.

Gunther Erwin from Germany called as a visionary, pioneer, and trainer by the Lord teaches worldwide about sparking discipleship movements and is focused on teaching about multiplication and starting home-based Kingdom Communities, as well as about deliverance and strategic prayer. Through his ministry, he reaches thousands of people through

2Tim22 School Admission

  • Pay the small admission fee once.
  • Get in contact with our group or regional leaders. Learn more

webinars over the internet in many nations around the world. Gunther has started an international online prayer line, praying daily and connecting people from different countries.  Gunther’s vision is to reach more and more unreached people groups by sending out apostolic teams.  He is a member of the European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

Testimonies from Labongogali from level 1

  1. Many gave their lives to Jesus and the church was added in number.
  2. Lanyero J. one of the students said she didn’t know how to pray but through Bible school, she can now pray.
  3. Akwero M. said her prayer life has been strengthened.
  4. C. Ofonya through the school has gained the confidence to teach and preach the gospel boldly to the lost.
  5. C. Nyeko said they are growing spiritually, and their desire for the baptism of the Holy Spirit is high. And finally, they now have a simple approach to sharing the gospel through the school.
  6. Labongogali had two groups from two villages that’s Ogali village and Ayila village with total participants of 55 that’s 30 from Ogali and 25 from Ayila we divided these groups into 8 groups that the group should have smaller numbers and more group leaders.

Kitgum was able to win 51 souls in 6 months

At least each student managed to preach the gospel to the lost souls. The mothers are doing hospital outreach missions and community counseling every Tuesday and Friday. Pastor K. said ever since he joined 2 Timothy 22 Bible school his desire and passion for soul winning has grown high and has won over 30 souls to Christ.
All the students have individual projects going on and one group project as well.

Different denominations and members of different churches are often together in one 2Tim22 bible school group. This creates good relationships, reconciliation and churches grow in maturity and numbers through the power principle of 2Tim22.

Family projects from level 2 are successful