Dear Servants of God,

Welcome to 2Timothy 2:2 Bible School.

It’s a Bible School that is home based small group Bible School which is one of the arms of the Living homes network. Living Homes Network supports existing churches through teaching and brings unity to the churches. It is not rare to see a pentecostal with a baptist and methodist in one bible school class doing together evangelism.

The school was started by Guenther Hess who by the communication of the lord through the Holy Spirit obeyed the Lord’s instructions about the kingdom’s agenda of starting up a home-based Bible School.

2Timothy 2:2 Bible school opened officially on 2 June 2021 in Uganda and other East African Countries including South Sudan with its major core principles being evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication. All of these are to be achieved through the Bible school and house church network.

The Bible school is focused on making every believer a disciple who also makes a disciple. In other words, all are disciple-makers. Our heartfelt issue is not to make church members but to produce disciples of Jesus Christ based on what Christ said in Mathew 28:19-21. Based on that the school teaches all categorize of Believers that are to say learned and the unlearned since everyone who has believed must be taught what Jesus taught.

The Bible school offer lesson in small groups through zoom, Audio lesson, and paper lessons.

Our Audio and paper lessons are translated to the languages that fit that particular society. This is all monitored and evaluated by the core leader and group leaders of the Bible School.

We offer training in different levels currently we have level one which is focused on foundational lessons and level 2 on Kingdom economics. We teach livelihoods skills with different project ideas to help the Bible school students. We basically focus on giving knowledge that improves ones skills for better livelihoods.

The School partner with the local churches and work hand in hand in to expand the kingdom of God and also support the local churches in kingdom oriented activities. When necessary Living Homes Network also starts new house churches within the Living Homes Network.

The requirements for our students for the Bible school are

  • Pay the admission fee as a commitment fee once.
  • Have a file and file the printed lessons.
  • Go evangelize at least one person each week.
  • Observe the accountability process: Look back, look up, look forward.
  • Each student makes disciples and teaches the new lesson to another person.
  • Four generations emerge from a 2T22 group.
  • Attend at least 80% of all the bible lessons to get access to the next level.

Through all this we believe you can become a committed responsibility accountable disciple of Jesus Christ.

There are testimonies about what the Bible school has done and among them is this testimony below:-

My testimony and experience with 2timothy 2:2 Bible school.

I began to work as a coordinator on the 02/June/2021 after embracing the vision which was passed to me by our Director Gunther. I understood the vision and sold the vision to others in different parts of Uganda. That’s Kiryandongo, Kitgum, Amuru, Gulu, Pader, and Lamwo. I began with a few groups which later grew to 49 groups within the 6months with over 200 participants with the majority close to 80% being new converts. In this particular testimony, I will speak about Amuru and the reason being I want to present to you the achievement we can have for a well-understood vision I began with one group of 8 members who understood the vision and multiplied themselves into a group each which groups expanded to 13 groups with over 150 participants with 80% of the population being new converts.

Personally, the Bible school has helped me greatly to develop more leadership skills and have more exposure, especially in networking.

Over the 6 months, we were able to achieve the following.

  1. Won more souls for Jesus Christ through evangelism and inviting people to attend our lesson.
  2. Growth both spiritually and physically since the lessons are holistic in nature and good for the Body, soul, and spirit.
  3. Improved on leadership skills of the group leader.
  4. Established four house churches
  5. Unity of the body of Christ through joint group participants being of different denominations.
  6. Family restoration through family prayer meetings, counseling, and Bible.
  7. Deliverance through Deliverance sessions
  8. Children in families are built in the word of God.
  9. Participants are able to memorize scriptures in the Bible.
  10. Participants are able to now read their Bibles since the majority where not engaged in Bible reading but now through the classes are able to read.

We are excited to see you in one of our 2 Timothy 22 bible school groups.