14-day webinar – house church meets prayer movement

14-day webinar – house church meets prayer movement

Feedback from New Zealand about the webinar: “Hello Guenther, I’m so encouraged to be part of your group listening to you teaching on Apostolic Hubs, etc, I feel so connected my heart is so encouraged such an anointing on what you are saying. My husband and I have recently started a hub in our community and I believe this is what it will look like as we pray worship and listen to the Lord and go into the community. I thank you for explaining what it is as most people think it should be like church like they know it so you have just confirmed what I believe God has shown me.”

From the USA: “Hello Guenther, I am very excited about this webinar and that I get to learn from you again!!! I am very much on the same page about what God is revealing to you and many other reformers.”

Webinar replay upon request

Day 1: Apostolic-prophetic construction plans

Day 2: Acts 2 & Church Meetings in Houses in the Bible

Day 3: The Antioch Church model & Prayer Meeting for Peter

Day 4: Apostolic Hubs & Prayer Activating End Time Events

Day 5: God is a Tent Dweller

Day 6: Multiplying Prayer Altars like Abraham

Day 7: Discipleship in Houses

Day 8: What else you can do in houses

Day 9: Elders for Houses – Elders at the Gate

Day 10: Ekklesia or Church?

Day 11: Acts 13 Prayer and Apostolic Ministry

Day 12: Apostolic Team Ministry in Houses

Day 13: Taking the Area Through Prayer and Fasting

Day 14: Prayer for Israel Unlocks God’s Promises
For the Ekklesia Prayer Movement

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