Communication guidelines for 2T22 core leaders

Communication guidelines

1. We shall be reachable at all times on the phone. On the internet and local phone.

2. Every financial transaction is put immediately !! on the bookkeeping app with details in the note section (T-shirts, received, sent, etc).

3. Everyone speaks with the director at least 30 minutes each week privately. That is one to three calls per week to improve communication.

4. We only sponsor T-Shirts as bible school. Normally even the T-shirts should be financed out of the commitment fees. Apart from that we only sponsor in very few and special cases extraordinary activities that lead to strong growth quickly. We don’t have a fixed budget.

5.  My own family sacrifices strongly financially with their lives and finances to keep the bible school operation going. Without the bible school and the mission activities, they would have a much better life financially.

6. Core team leaders need to communicate with each other at least one time per week over the phone or internet and be available for each other.

7. Group leader online meetings need to be attended and planned together by the core leaders.

8. New guidelines and obligatory rules will be communicated if necessary.

Planting home churches through evangelism

? Questions for the 2T22 group leader to ask the students – Leading by asking and listening

Look back: How did you put last week’s lesson into practice?

Lookup: What is the new lesson about?

Look forward: What did the Holy Spirit speak to me today through the scripture?

What should I do to obey God’s word to me? 

How should I teach others the truth I received from the scripture today in the coming week? Whom do I teach? Whom do I want to evangelize?

2T22 Values for 222- Students –

  • Pay the admission fee once.
  • Have a file and file the printed lessons.
  • Go evangelize at least one person each week.
  • Look back, look up, look forward.
  • Each student makes disciples and teaches the new lesson to another person.
  • Four generations emerge from a 2T22 group.
  • Best service and organization possible for villages and those far from Christ.

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