House church booklets distributed – report from the house church multiplication

Detailed report Central Uganda- The power of multiplication and house church

LivingHomes has 8 house churches in the following villages: Wipolo, Agung B, Agung center, Laliya, Lapono, Pabali, and Lacwari. The 8 house churches have 24 house church leaders and 3 leaders per house church

The house churches have a total population of 172 people altogether. The list of the names of the members of each house church was submitted as well. This is a great growth 80% of this population are new converts.

The following are the programs running under the house churches of LivingHomes.

  • monthly meetings of the house church leaders. We changed this yesterday during the meetings to become monthly food night and they can still have meetings amidst that in a short time but the key is the food night (Acts 2:42-47) which starts at the end of this month August.
  • weekly evangelism every Thursday.
  • savings as a result of the five pots lesson. Their saving is borrowed among the house church members and the interest is used for buying hens for the house church poultry project.
  • The house church members help each other in garden work, for example, today we can go to one house church member’s garden and tomorrow to another person’s garden as well this strengthens the unity among them.
  • the house churches are moving in sign and wonders many people have been delivered through the house church prayer meetings.
    The following are the testimonies of the booklets previously distributed.

Report about personal progress and discipleship

TD.: the book taught him how to evangelize a close friend to Christ through invitation during their sharing sessions. A story of three Friends. the book helped him on understanding the word of God and applying it at personal levels and also sharing the word with others.
The booklets improved on his devotional lifestyle. He now spends more time to have devotion to God. He also learnt how to hear God’s voice and the power in fellowship.

JB.: said they used to say the apostle Creed in the Catholic Church she loved it so much so when she found the apostle Creed she was happy and she has been making that confession of the apostle Creed daily and encouraged others to do the same.

However there are some challenges as well

  • Another challenge mentioned was transport. We were able to develop two solutions for that 1. It is to raise a disciple from those specific villages so that they can do the work in their residential areas that visitation could only be done once in a while.
  • Following the Luke 10 trip format of trusting in the Lord for transport and because the Lord is faithful He will surely provide.
  • And we encouraged them to develop smart ideas prayerfully for overcoming those challenges.

Report on Luke 10 trip.
I shared more on the Luke 10 trips and we where able to have 8 members by yesterday willing to go for the trip this months. I told them if that is the case the the prayer for the trip begins immediately since they all have to seek for God’s direction.

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