Joel and Geoffry – 12 house churches in 3 months

About 3 months ago we did a seminar in the middle of Uganda. Joel and Geoffry came from for with a Boda Boda.

The main part of the teaching was done in practical doing and living together during those days. For example, instead of teaching about love meals in the New Testament (which was the normal thing to do), we had a food night together with the Lord’s supper. The Holy Spirit spoke to us and everyone said this is like living in the book of acts. Apostolic times. Acts 2:42 ff

In the meantime, many people have given their life to Jesus and they see deliverances. In the process, 12 house churches with well over 100 members have come into being.

At the moment we plan to send out Luke 10 teams from this area to plant new house churches under the umbrella of LivingHauser.

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