Luke 10 trip to Pakwach district

My name is Tito, am 28 years old, I live in Kiryandongo district found in the mid Western part of Uganda, am married and a father of two. I’m a leader in the Living Homes network heading Luke 10 mission in the country. What I am about to share with you is the trip we took to the Pakwach district to carry out Luke 10 mission. Pakwach district is in the West Nile region of Uganda and is about 150 kilometers from Kiryandongo district where I come from.

We embarked in this journey of faith three of us, me and some two brothers in Nwoya district. On the day of 3rd May 2022. But two days before we went, I had a phone call from the national coordinator , brother Rogers asking me to embark on this bravery mission of Luke 10 trip to Pakwach district. In this trip, just like in Luke 10, we are to trust God for every facilitation needed,
Because this mission is intended for a long period of time, meaning we we have rely on the Lord for every facilitation needed including the transport. And some how I developed some worries in my heart.

The next day I spent the whole day and night seeking the face of the Lord, in the middle of the night as I woke up to pray, I had a vision, I was asleep but awake and praying, I saw a big, black, bold letters written in front of me, it reads “MAKE EVERYTHING KNOWN TO HIM”, this was the vision that cast out every fear and worries from my heart. My confidence was that the Lord has confirmed and approved the mission that we are about to embark on.

I woke up in the morning parked my Bible and a few clothes in my bag, went to the national coordinator to get the letter of permit and went straight to the taxi Park without the transport to take me and the two brothers that will join me in Nwoya district to proceed to Pakwach district. As I said, this is a 150 kilometers journey, and not I nor the two brothers in the Nwoya district had this money. When the taxi was about to leave, a brother showed up with 50000 shillings, this is able to take us to Pakwach district but not bring us back.

At 2 pm, there we were in the middle of Pakwach town, non of us had ever been in this place, we don’t know anyone here, we prayed and launched two kilometers away from the town, we met two men seated at a small shop and we stopped and started sharing the gospel with them when they learned that we were sharing the gospel and that we came from far, they called all the family members around to come and listen to the gospel, one person gave his life to Christ later, and we prayed for the sick, cast out demons and God also delivered one mad woman, we spent the whole of that evening in that family sharing the gospel and praying for people. When the night came, this family wanted to give us a room to sleep in, but they had no empty room, they gave us some money for transport to take us back to the town. We had our supper from town, and it was time to rest.
We had no money to hire a room, so we went to a man in charge of a bus booking stage, he gave us a mat to put under the veranda to spend the night there.
Coldness, mosquito bites, insecurities, sleepless night, etc was our portion that night, but all this increased our joy, counting all of it as the privilege to take part in Christ’s suffering.

When morning came we took another direction thru the leading of the Holy Spirit, for in the night the holy Spirit communicated to us that there was a woman in need of prayers, we went about two kilometers and stopped at 1st home and found exactly such a woman, that day she was the only one who welcomed us, and we prayed for her, but other homes did not, others allowed us to speak but did not accept the gospel peacefully, we ended our mission at two pm.

At that time we are supposed to come back home and there was no money left with us, I decided to call a brother to stand with us in prayer but instead, he supported us with 50000 shillings, this was enough to bring us back home. He said the money is not his so when we come back, we shall refund it back to him. And we came home safely.

This is the mission that satisfied my heart, indeed, we were sent by Jesus Christ himself thru the hand of the Living Homes network,

It’s the best way to plant house churches in the different places

This mission requires total reliance on God and stepping out to deep see where there are a lot of fishes and meet Jesus Christ in the mystery of the waves of the Sea.

Thanks, be blessed by the testimony. Amen

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