New Luke 10 August trip report + certificate issuing in Kampala

As living Hauser Network a team of 3 that’s 6 missionaries were commissioned to Masindi for a Luke 10 trip.

The team took a step to go for this journey by faith to a land they had never been there before to complete the journey to the villages they walked 16kms for Christ.

The team was welcomed by a home of peace where they stayed untill they completed the mission. 5 people from the home of peace gave their life to Jesus Christ the first souls to be won in this trip was from the house of peace and a house church was immediately established.
More souls where won in those villages and many people were delivered from their different sicknesses and diseases, demons were cast out of the demon-possessed people.

The team got an opportunity to minister in some religious churches and people where able to experience the pentacostal move of the Holy Spirit with sign and wonders taking place this raised a great demand for the gospel and prayer from the residence of those villages. Despite all challenges in the mission field, the Lord of the Harvest took charge, and the team came with a greater testimony of the Lord’s doing.
Living Hauser Network welcomes you to be part of the Luke 10 team that you can be among they that are expanding the kingdom of God and receive a great reward from our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are preparing for more Luke 10 trips. Anyone who feels led to be part of the trip can contact us.

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