A new 2T22 group started in prison through sharing the website and vision casting for house church in Uganda

Testimony for the website through sharing the websites allowed me to form a group in the Kayunga district in one of the Uganda prisons.

And call for a vision casting meeting on house churches.

A pastor named Martin has been before the Lord in prayer and the Lord spoke to him about the house church but he didn’t have any information concerning the house church. When he received the website I shared with him he was glad that it was like an answered prayer to him and he came to me to know more about the house church.

He is a pastor of a mega-church so when the Lord spoke to him about the house church he couldn’t really understand what that meant. He said he was praying that His ministry would grow numerically just like in the days of Acts but the answer was house church. He confessed that according to what He heard he concluded that they were really doing nothing to the buildings since the strength of the ministry is the families (homes)

Glory to God for the website I believe this is just the beginning I encourage everyone to share the website with more people. Thanks.

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