Roger’s Picture how the 2T22 Bible school works

In the chart, we are able to see how LivingHauser operates in its two arms – the Bible school and the house church. It all starts with a vision casting in step one but not all will always embrace the vision. So you identify those who are ready to carry the vision forward.

Then step two the 1st generation of 2t22 Bible school groups is established in various homes since it’s a home-based Bible school. As a result of the weekly evangelism of the students more groups are opened. Also, a house church is established in places without believing churches and this gives birth to the second generation. The same process continues until to 4th or 5th generation.

Evangelism is done in two ways one weekly evangelism and a Luke 10 trip. Luke 10 trip is one way more house churches are built and expanded and also a way more bible school groups are formed since all the house churches are bible school groups as well. In Luke 10 trips we trust Our Lord Jesus for the provision and go to our destination where we identify a home of peace.

By the leadership of the Holy Spirit and it’s from the home of peace that we scatter to different villages or places preaching the gospel winning more souls through evangelism and later opening more bible school groups and house churches. Looking at our chart there are groups that have multiplied to 3rd generation or even 4th generation. Multiplication through discipleship is key. Some groups seem not to multiply (those are rather unhealthy groups. The target is that all groups are healthy and multiply naturally.

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