Roles for 2T22-group leaders

Ensure effective running of the 2T22 -Bible school group through the following:

  1. All paper lessons reach the participants on time.
  2. Take attendance for every lesson attended.
  3. Submit reports, photo reports, attendance lists on the Bible school platforms, or paper reports to the core coordinators in case there is no smartphone.
  4. Encourage and make a follow-up for the groups under him/her on look back look up and look forward.
  5. Ensure that every disciple makes disciples and also organize evangelistic events and also encourage participants to evangelize every week and submit reports on the number of souls won to Christ.
  6. Give a report on every testimony archived by the Bible school participants.
  7. Collect the commitment fee from the participants and forward it to the responsible persons recommended by the Bible school.
  8. Help in problem-solving that might arise within the group or forward challenges beyond his/ her capacity to the core coordinators.
  9. He or she serves as a link between the students and the school.

Testimony of Monica

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