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LivingHauser – Spreading the Love of God through 2Timothy22 Bible School

Welcome to LivingHauser, a registered organization by the government of Uganda, dedicated to reaching people with the love of God. Our primary focus is the 2Timothy22 Bible School, which supports existing churches and oversees the multiplication of a house church network. Our core principles revolve around multiplication, discipleship, the book of Acts, and accountability.

2Timothy22 Bible School plays a crucial role in multiplying groups through evangelism and discipleship. By partnering with existing churches, we aim to increase their numbers and depth of teaching while fostering unity among different denominations. Each 2T22 group actively engages in projects that contribute to their community.

We also initiate and multiply new Acts-like house churches through Luke 10 trips. Following the pattern described in Luke 10, we encourage individuals to go with what they have, find a house of peace, pray for people, and start a house church. Every house church focuses on a Kingdom project, working together to impact their surroundings positively.

In the 2Timothy22 Bible School, learning takes place in home-based groups once a week. Students print out paper lessons and file them for reference. Additionally, we offer weekly online live teaching and audio files to accommodate those with simple phones. The curriculum encompasses different levels, covering topics such as the basics of faith, financial stewardship, supporting children and marriage, and leadership development.

LivingHauser house churches are vibrant family communities that gather in homes, following Jesus’ example of praying, reading the Bible, and sharing meals together. These gatherings focus on shared experiences rather than a traditional sermon format. Prayer nights, joint worship meetings with other house churches, and a culture of training and practice contribute to the discipleship process modeled by Jesus and His first-century disciples.

Our pillars of accountability and multiplication are central to the LivingHauser network. Each meeting incorporates the Look back-Look up-Look forward process, fostering growth and personal reflection. To promote multiplication, our house churches and students adhere to specific values, including filing printed lessons, evangelizing weekly, embracing accountability, making disciples, and ensuring that four generations of learners emerge from each 2T22 group. We prioritize practical solutions over smartphones for effective communication.

The foundation for our work lies in the Great Commission outlined in Matthew 28:19-20. We believe in making disciples of all nations through multiplication and discipleship while emphasizing accountability and obedience to Jesus’ teachings, as seen in Acts 2:42-47.

To start a house church or a 2T22 Bible School group, we follow the LUKE 10 trip model:

Pray for harvesters and trust in God’s provision.
Go in faith, seeking out a house or person of peace.
Share the gospel, pray, and demonstrate God’s power while building relationships.
Encourage the person of peace to train others in the same pattern.
Demonstrate practical examples before teaching, ensuring effective learning.
Cast a vision for 2Timothy22 Bible School and LivingHauser, initiating a group or church in the house.
Each group or church embraces a project, seeking guidance from God, planning, preparing, and executing the project as a united effort. Proper financial management is emphasized through the utilization of the five pots. LivingHauser does not provide financial support for projects, as individuals are accountable to God for fulfilling their respective roles.

Join us at LivingHauser as we passionately pursue the multiplication of disciples, the establishment of house churches, and the transformation of communities through the love of God.

To learn more, visit our website: www.2t22.bibleschool.com.

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