Join as Student in the 2 Timothy Bible School

For the villages and beyond

Simple practical teachings

Weekly paper lessons

Available as audio teaching

Weekly online teaching

2 Timothy Bible School Values

  • Pay the small admission fee once.
  • Have a file and file the printed lessons.
  • Go and evangelize at least one person each week.
  • Accountability process: Look back, look up, look forward.
  • Each student makes disciples and teaches the new lesson to another person.
  • Four generations emerge from a 2T22 group.

Best service and organization possible for villages and those far from Christ. If there are no smart phones, students will find smart solutions.

Affiliate with Living Homes

It is possible but not necessary. Come with your group or church under the umbrella of Living Homes Network. Living Homes is the carrier of the 2 Timothy 2:2 Bible School and besides that an umbrella organization for affiliated churches, home-based fellowships, and churches under the tree in Africa and beyond to promote Kingdom values.